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Below is a sample of one of the new writing tasks. In this task students are provides with visual prompts for writing. Formative work and these prompts will enable students  to write appropriate texts without reference to other sources. This will prevent copying from such sources.


Summative assessment resources for Levels 1, 2 and 3 English Language unit standards.


All English Language unit standards are being revised by NZQA. The new standards are likely to be available for use from August, 2018.


There will be a 'grace' period before schools are expected to change over to the new standards. In the meantime you can continue to use Version 2 of the standards.


The English Language Resources Centre will be producing resources that meet the requirements of the new standards as soon as they are available.


If you are still using Version 1 assessment resources you can find out the differences between Version 1 and Version 2 here.

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If you are unable to submit the order form please email a list of the resources you require to admin@englishlanguageresourcecentre.com


How to pay

Schools and educational institutions that provide an order number will be invoiced.

Other purchasers must pay by cheque or direct credit prior to delivery.



Please note that, whilst every attempt has been made to ensure that the assessment resources enable students to meet the requirements of the standards, the resources have not been moderated by NZQA. The English Language Resource Centre is happy to make amendments to resources should this be required.